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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Insertion Tool For Plastic Safety Eyes

Insertion Tool For Plastic Safety Eyes

Many people have difficulty pushing the safety washers onto the post of the safety eyes.

This amazing little tool makes it much easier!

It is a metal tube with a wooden ball handle which makes it very comfortable to hold.

How to use:

First, use a fabric awl to create a hole where you plan to insert the eyes.

Place the washer, flat side out, on the tip of the metal tube.

Then insert the eye through the fabric, from the front to the back.

Use the tool to push the washer onto the post. The tool holds the washer steady while the pressure from your palm helps to smoothly and easily push the washer onto the post.

NOTE: Before you press the washer the final few millimetres, make sure you turn the teddy bear head right side out and check that the eyes or nose are positioned exactly where you want it. Otherwise, you may end up with them securely fastened upside down or at an angle!

Once you are satisfied that the eyes are positioned correctly, push on the wooden ball until the washer clicks down the grooves of the post and it sits firmly against the fabric.

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