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Sunday, November 3, 2019

How To Insert Plastic Safety Joints

How to insert plastic safety joints:

For arms and legs: Make a hole in the fabric where you want to insert the joint. Insert the joint (the piece with the post) from the inside. Then stuff and sew up the arm or leg. Insert arm or leg inside body of bear. Insert the large plastic washer to the post of the joint inside the body cavity. Then insert the smaller disc with the dome side facing out and the flat side facing the material. This is the part that locks it in, so make sure the arm or leg is in the correct position before locking it in. Push down as hard as you can to make sure it is locked in place.

For the head, do a running stitch around the opening, but do not secure the thread. Leave a long piece of thread, so you can pull it tight to close the opening. Then pull both ends of the thread slightly to draw it in a bit. Then insert the base of the joint (the piece with the post) and tuck it inside the running stitch. Then pull the threads again to draw the fabric completely around the post of the joint. Then tie a knot to keep the running stitch gathered tightly around the joint. Sew the fabric around the joint so that it closes up tightly around the joint post. Then insert the head onto the body. Stand the bear on his head with the joint poking through the fabric of the body. Insert the large disc, and then insert the small locking disc with the flat side facing the material. Push down as hard as you can to make sure it is locked in place. Then you are ready to stuff the bear through the opening in the back.

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